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Jordan Strauss / Invision / Invision/AP 1 / 7

Russell Brand used social media for a little social justice on Tuesday night after someone stole an iPad from the venue he was performing at -- and it worked!

The comedian and new dad was performing his "EXPOSED" tour in Brighton, England, on Dec. 6 when someone snatched an iPad, and the whole thing was caught on camera. So Russell took to Twitter to call out the sticky-fingered fan.

"You nicked an iPad, bring it back to the venue - it's not mine - it's a tech assists & loads of her stuff is on there," he wrote, along with two pictures of the thief. "Please bring it back."

His tweet was quickly shared by many of his 12.1 million followers. While some took it seriously, others made light of the pilferer's over-the-top outfit, which the New York Post said featured a Dalmatian-spotted hat.

"Debbie Harry stole an iPad!" one follower said. Another wrote, "Karma and the power of social media, will sort this person out, but not the hat she is wearing!"

He later deleted the tweets and removed the photos.

Despite all the jokes, the power of 140 characters worked. Not long after the comedian's tweet went out, a worker at the venue informed him that the iPad was eventually returned to the bar next door to the theater.

"Hey Russ. Ben at Theatre Royal here. We were in the pub next door and she brought it back. It's safe and sound," the worker tweeted, along with a photo of the iPad.

"Thank you!!" Russell replied back.

The worker decided to give the credit where credit was due, sharing a photo of the woman who actually caught the crook red-handed.

"To be fair it was this lovely lady who spotted our thief and retrieved the iPad," he tweeted, along with a snap showing a smiling woman drinking white wine. "Her name is Gill."