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Yes please! "Heroes Reborn" actor Ryan Guzman is showing off what his momma -- and the gym -- gave him.

Can you say eye candy!?

The actor was spotted shirtless in a Los Angeles-area parking garage during a photoshoot on Feb. 24 and he probably did enough to stop traffic.

Ryan, who starred in "The Boy Next Door" with Jennifer Lopez last year, showed off his rock hard abs — every one of his muscles looks to be perfectly sculpted as if he were a living Statue of David.

It's not known what the photo shoot was for, but it appears as though the photographer is making it appear that Ryan was in a fight club, as he is seen wrapping his hands with boxing wraps as the photographer snapped away.

Other images show him looking intentionally dirty, as if was just in a skirmish, which would be fitting considering the boxing wraps.

At other times during the photoshoot Ryan was seen wearing jeans and a white tank top as he did push ups and tricep exercises.

The fact that he was seen covered up with his bulging biceps in full view during the impromptu workout is a huge tease.

His chiseled body remained covered up in photos that saw him smoking cigarettes.

While the photos of Ryan are indeed impressive, he says that what happened with his family this week was even more beautiful, saying the way they banded together after a loved one passed was a sight for sore eyes.

On Feb. 26, Ryan took to Instagram to post a photo of his extended family.

"This past week and a half has been tough to say the least but my family pulled together and reminded each other the strength of our love," he wrote of the snap.

"The last couple of days have been beautiful, welcoming the new and honoring the past. I'm blessed to be a Guzman.

He continued, "Do not believe in my promise to WORK MY A-- OFF, so that one day I can let the whole world know that I am Guzman and I'm here to make my mark. Believe in my actions that will follow this post. Slowly and confidently I will progress. #IamaGuzman #ripPapi."