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Uh, whoa! Sarah Jessica Parker made a heck of a claim about Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda, her dear on-screen friends in "Sex and the City." Perhaps they weren't ever real.

They may have all just been figments of Carrie Bradshaw's imagination.

While on Chris Hardwick's Nerdist podcast, Sarah, who famously played the iconic Carrie Bradshaw on the HBO show, said she has a theory that her TV pals where only a "literary conceit," there simply to aid in her weekly column for the fictitious newspaper the New York Star.

"I used to wonder if Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda were real," she said. "That that wasn't just her column."

SJP, along with Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon, starred on the show for six seasons and reprised their characters for two movies.

"They're such perfectly archetypal characters," the "Divorce" star said. "So you're writing a column about sexual politics and observations of female/male, primarily, heterosexual relationships, so you're picking one type. You're saying, 'This type is this and this,' and then you complicate it more, like any good writer does. So I'm not entirely sure they are real."

The way Sarah sees it, each episode was based on what Carrie was writing about, so the experiences were more about her daydreaming and thinking up scenarios.

"We don't know if any of that stuff that happened is real," she said. "What we are seeing isn't necessarily what happened in New York."

So, Big wasn't real? Aidan? The Russian? None of it?

...And every "Sex and the City" fan's head has just exploded.