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Sean Penn and Robin Wright's son, Hopper, revealed that he battled a serious meth habit when he was younger.

"I was pretty bad," the 23-year-old told Es Magazine. "I just got caught a lot doing stuff, you know? Whether it was my parents or the cops, I was doing a lot of stuff. Meth was the main one that brought me down."

His famous father gave him an ultimatum.

"I went to rehab because I woke up in a hospital and my dad was like, 'Rehab? Or bus bench?' I was like, 'I'll take the bed,'" he said. "Thank God I got out of that because that was the worst time in my life. Because it's not fun when it gets to a point where you just need it."

What he needed, besides getting clean and kicking his drug habit, was structure, and his dad gave him that after casting him in a small role in "The Last Face."

"I know he kind of wrote the part for me, based it on me a little bit. He really wanted to work with me and it ended up being great," Hopper said. "But yeah, maybe it was about giving me just a little structure, and just trying to get me to get my own thing going."

Now, he's the face of Fendi's SS17 eyewear collection — he's also starring in an upcoming film with Brad Pitt (you may have heard of him).

"Well, I wouldn't call myself an actor, really," he said, "or a model. On the acting side, I've told myself when I do four movies, then I can consider myself an actor. And then, the modeling side? I don't know. I guess now, this [Fendi] campaign, this is maybe a tipping point for modelling…"

Despite his ultra-famous parents and his acting and modeling chops, Hopper said he's still not your typical celebrity child.

"Some of the kids that grow up in Los Angeles with that life, they have this impression of themselves, like they're more important than other people," he said. "But they're not real to me... I don't feel like I have a Hollywood family, really. I feel pretty normal."