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@thecampaignbook / Twitter 1 / 12

Self indigent or nah? Shia LaBeouf is about to have Shia LaBeouf overload!

On Nov. 10, the actor will sit down and watch all of this films from start to finish … for three straight days! (Doesn't the Eighth Amendment ban cruel and unusual punishment?)

A schedule of the films shows that he will watch 29 films nonstop. It's estimated that the viewing should take about 72 hours.

The actor made the announcement on Twitter, writing "#ALLMYMOVIES." The festivities began in New York City with Shia's 2015 drama "Man Down" and then the movies will run in reverse chronological order.

According to the Angelika Film Center, the films will stream continuously with 10-minute breaks in between. For those wanting to get extra weird, a webcam posted on the center's site will also be on Shia the entire time, so you can watch him watching himself.

For over a month, the actor has been tweeting quotes from his movies, but few people understand why, chalking it up to bizarre antics from someone known for just that. But, it seems that those context lines were plotted as a publicity boost for this three-day Shia showcase.

Admission is free, although attendees will have to wait in line if the theater gets crowded.

Yep, 72 hours of this. Or as Shia tweeted on Oct. 26 (a line from one of his many characters,) "Sorry, I got a lot of stuff."