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If anyone deserved to find true happiness in a relationship it was Sandra Bullock, whose ex-husband Jesse James was caught cheating on her with multiple women back in 2010. But now, the Oscar-winning actress had found love again, and it seems to be the real deal.

Exclusive sources at E! News report that "The Blind Side" actress, 51, believes her new beau, photographer Bryan Randall, is her "soul mate."

The couple, who've been dating since the middle of 2015, are apparently in a state of "euphoria" together.

"She is where she finally wants to be with a partner," the insider explained.

The source also mentioned that Sandra's friends and family couldn't be happier for her new normal, down-to-earth romance.

Sandy, who's mom to adopted 6-year-old son Louis and 3-year-old Laila, shares parenting in common with Bryan, 50. He also has a daughter, Skylar Randall, from a previous engagement.

"Her main love are her kids. She taught them to learn the value of a dollar and appreciate the small things. Louis is the most well-behaved child and polite to other kids," the insider revealed. "[Bryan] shares the same feeling on how raising kids should be."

Back in September, at the Toronto International Film Festival, Sandra was still playing shy about her hunky boyfriend.

"Who says I have a new boyfriend?" the actress joked when asked about Bryan. "Everything in my life is great right now."

And, it only seems to be getting better with time.