Staples is a department store that sells everything from office furniture to paper towels. It's now selling something else, shade!

The office supply store trolled Kris Jenner this week after she posted a photo promoting her new "Elegance" necklace. The jewelry, she said, retails for $175 at Staples Canada, though, saw this and decided the paper-clip-looking design looked all too familiar.

"My new 'Elegance' necklace is available now, exclusively online!," Kris tweeted on June 28. Staples saw this on June 30 and trolled the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch, saying, "Also available in aisle 7.... #ThinkStaples."

The Internet, as it so often does, voiced its opinion and applauded Staples for the well-executed tweet.

Just 24 hours after the tweet was sent out, it had been "liked" more than 41,000 times and retweeted more than 40,000 times.

Social media users also commented with words and with gifs, some of which included facial expressions of family members.

Twitter user Marc Snetiker said, "Straight-up front-runner for tweet of the year."

"Whoever tweets for @StaplesCanada is here to mess," a twitter user named Trapcry said, along with an emoji laughing.

"Staples just wrecked Kris Jenner RIP," Luke said.

Clearly, Kris isn't about to stop hyping her own line. She has yet to comment on the Staples' shade, and it's likely she won't. As many people have tagged her in the tweets that show approval for Staples, she certainly knows that she is being trolled.