A friendly feline is making New Yorkers go crazy, but this isn't just any cat. It's Taylor Swift's cat.

Yes, Meredith Grey, one of the singer's beloved cats, was sending Twitter into a frenzy this week after several people saw her perched on a window at Taylor's New York apartment, peering out at the Big Apple.

Apparently we're at the point where even Taylor's cats are stars in their own right.

One Twitter user named Rikki Condos spotted Meredith staring out the window and live tweeted the entire experience to a friend and it was hilarious -- and yes, people were fascinated by the feline doing nothing and commented on it.

"Meredith is currently sitting in Taylor's window just staring at me. cc: @TSwiftNZ @hiddIeswift @lostintay," she said, while sharing a photo of the cat peering out.

She then said that Merideth, a Scottish Fold cat, "stared at me for probs 10 min then left the window."

About 30 minutes later, Rikki, who apparently has an awful lot of spare time, tweeted, "SHES BACK AND STARING AT ME AGAIN."

Not long after, this dedicated Swiftie (who also apparently writes cards to Taylor and knows her security team) took another peak at the window, but came up Merideth-less, seeing only a black space. But she still shared a tweet.

"Just stopped by on my way back to the subway and looked in the window," she captioned a shot of a window.

This conversation/staring contest promoted many to go crazy over this moment in time.

"'Taylor Swift's Cat Is Causing Twitter Meltdowns Just By Sitting At A Window'" HAHAHAHHAHA IM DYING," one person wrote.

"If Meredith actually knew that her mom was Taylor Swift she wouldn't be sitting in the window she would be next to Taylor at all times," another person tweeted.

Merideth Grey: bringing Twitter to its knees since Aug. 25, 2016. Never in our, ahem, wildest dreams did we see this one coming.