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"Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry said her struggle with body image and low self esteem left her with no choice but to go under the knife and change her appearance.

In a new book, the reality TV star speaks about her decision to change up her body, a decision that may have cost her her marriage.

"For years I struggled with eating disorders, and I was extremely self-conscious about my weight," she said in excerpts of her book which were published by Radar Online. "This is rarely something you ever completely get over. It's nice to think that the ultimate goal would be to feel totally at peace with my body, whatever it looks like. But in reality, that's something that has to be maintained continuously."

The reality TV star said she tried to lose weight the old fashioned way with diet and exercise but that wasn't cutting it.

"I'd committed so thoroughly to working out and maintaining a healthy diet," she wrote, "but it was clear there was only so much I could do to change the shape of my body."

The mother of Isaac Elliot Rivera, 6, and Lincoln Marshall Marroquin, 2, is unapologetic and quite normal in caring about her image -- "I'm human. I care how I look" she has said. So she enlisted the help of a well-known plastic surgeon in Miami. Then, in January she had a liposuction, a Brazilian butt lift and a tummy tuck. In May, she had lip injections.

"I knew that being satisfied with my outer appearance would give me the confidence I needed to face the world head on," she wrote. "For me, the things that I wanted to change about my body were nagging little distractions from the deeper missions I wanted to work on."

Although her self confidence has skyrocketed, her marriage to Javi Marroquin has hit the skids, and her surgery played a role.

"I was more shocked at who she's becoming," her now-estranged husband said. "In the back of my mind I was always worried of who you're going to be. Are you going to be the same person I fell in love with? Or is this going to change you?"