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Tyga has a lot going for him. He has a moderately successful rap career, a business called Egypt Last Kings Clothing, a heavily publicized romance with Kylie Jenner, and an adorable son with his girlfriend's brother's new love interest. Sweet, right?

When it comes to real estate, however, Tyga can't seem to get it right. According to TMZ, he's being sued by another landlord for being a terrible tenant.

After renting a space for his clothing company, the building's owner says Tyga abandoned the property and left significant damage. According to the report, "the doors had been painted black with Egyptian patterns, the ceiling tiles were painted over and there were ink stains around 5,000 feet of concrete flooring."

The landlord even claims someone on Tyga's team poured ink down the drain and into the public sewer, which is a disaster for the environment. The owner is suing the rap star for $75,000 in repairs, plus 5 months rent.

So far, Tyga's response to the suit is that it's not his fault. We hope you'll excuse us if we're a little skeptical about Tyga's claim of innocence. If you remember, Tyga was sued by the owner of his Calabasas home for not paying rent on time back in May 2015. A judge eventually ordered him to pay $70,000 to settle the case.

And then in February, after living in a new Hollywood Hills home for just two months, that landlord tried to evict him for being a general nightmare.

We don't claim to have intimate knowledge of Tyga's bank account, but we hope that he'll follow Kylie's lead and purchase his next property.

TMZ reports that he typically wears $100,000 worth of jewelry just to roll to the club. Surely some of that cash can go toward a down payment on a crib.

It's clear that landlords and Tyga are a bad combination.