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It's been an amazing season of "Amazing Race!"

Wonderwall.com has kept track of Season 28's social media stars, and we caught up with competitor and YouTuber Tyler Oakley to learn more about how his race went before the finale airs on CBS at 8 p.m. ET/PT on May 13.

Tyler has been racing around the world with his fellow "Psychobabble" co-host and best pal Korey Kuhl. Before it all began, Tyler knew he had competition.

"Going into it, I was convinced Sheri and Cole La Brant were masterminds," he said. "During the audition week and press week leading up to it, you can't talk to other teams, but I was like Sheri and Cole are playing this game from day one. They know exactly what they're doing and how they're being perceived and now knowing them, they're masterminds but in a completely different way. They're strong, intense, hilarious people but I read them 100% opposite of what I was thinking."

In the finale, Tyler goes up against Sheri Cole and engaged dancers Matt Steffanina and Dana Boriello. All three teams have been strong competitors this season and according to Tyler, they all got very close.

"My favorite moment that I keep thinking about and remembering is after a really tough day in Bali, which sounds so unreal, we had to sail out to what looked like a pirate ship and that's where the finish mat was and when we got there, somebody got eliminated and it was down to the final 6 and then one team was leaving and we looked around and simultaneously felt so close to the finish line, and we adored all the teams that were left because it just felt like we had been through so much together," he said.

"We had that night on the boat, we had to sleep on the boat together and we got to tell stories to each other and find out more about each other and it just felt so real," he added. "When you're racing, you're not really thinking about the reality of you're on a TV show, racing for a $1 million dollars but we kind of took a second. We didn't have phones, distractions...we were there together."

Tyler not only got emotional about the friendships he made, but he spoke about how he had to overcome the mental challenge of finishing last and barely missing elimination in Tbilisi, Georgia.

"We didn't want to go," he explained. "We felt this sense of we're not done racing. There's so much left we still wanted to do. Some other teams you might pick up they accepted they're in last place. But Korey and I until the last second we were like we are not done, and I think that helped us that last race with Blair and her dad. It would have been easy to accept that we had left that challenge last, but even that last second, we were like we still have a chance."

He also praised his teammate.

"Korey is like the fastest person on the entire race," he said. "Everyone was thinking Brodie [Smith] and Kurt [Gibson] would win, because they're athletes. Korey has always been a runner. We do a lot of running of stairs, which I think helped us a lot on the race."

Stay tuned to CBS tonight to see who wins the final episode and the $1 million!