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One day after her father passed away from stage IV cancer, Vanessa Hudgens gave the performance of her lifetime in his honor.

The "High School Musical" actress played the role of Rizzo in "Grease:Live" and received endless praise on social media, but she has remained mum on Twitter in the hours following the show.

While she retweeted the "Grease:Live" account that shows a clip of her singing "There Are Worse Things I Could Do," she has yet to address her emotional performance. Instead, she posted a link to her website with horoscopes for the week. "Your Weekly Horoscope: Stability & Surprises," she tweeted with a link and picture of two hands that form a heart with a sunset behind it. was at the live show, and Vanessa was smiling and waving to the audience as they clapped for her while she ran back and forth between acts.

At one point, she even joked with the audience to applaud more.

Not only were her fans supportive, but Vanessa's boyfriend Austin Butler expressed how proud he was of her through Twitter.

"#GreaseLive is MIND-BLOWING! Constant chills @VanessaHudgens," he tweeted. One hour later, he added, "WOW @VanessaHudgens singing 'Worst Things' had me in tears. Just brilliant #GreaseLive."

And needless to say, he wasn't the only one blown away!

"Hamilton" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda put it best. "Imagine you had Vanessa Hudgens' day, and doing that," Lin-Manuel tweeted. "What a superhero. In total awe."