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Ugly don't come cheap! Whoopi Goldberg is dipping her toe in the fashion pond, but her clothes are far from appealing to the eye.

In fact, that's the idea.

The star of "The View" has designed nine "ugly Christmas sweaters," meaning the multi-hyphenate is now a Grammy winner, Oscar winner, Emmy winner, Tony winner and fashion designer. The sweaters will run for $139 each.

"I've always liked them," Whoopi told The New York Times of ugly sweaters in general. "They make me happy. I've worn them for many years. I thought about all the things I'd love to see on a sweater."

Her line of sweaters are, well, ugly, to say the least. Designs range from an octopus becoming a Menorah to black and white Santa Clauses on the verge of kissing. The products are made from wool, alpaca, cashmere and cotton.

"We have a 'What makes the family?' sweater, which is this whole family and this one guy is green, but you realize he's their brother," she said. "You never know what kind of family is going to come into your door."

Whoopi feels like this is the time to strike with her ugly sweaters.

"You might start right after Thanksgiving, and wear them all the way through Hanukkah and New Year's and then you're done for another 12 months until it rolls around again," Whoopi said. "Anything before Thanksgiving is too early. I'm old school. I come from the protocol of 'OK, here's Halloween and then you have Thanksgiving.' No Christmas at Halloween."

The sweaters go on sale at Lord & Taylor and Hudson's Bay beginning on Nov. 1.

Whoopi doesn't know what will come of her line of ugly sweaters, but if things go well, she's thinking about expanding her portfolio.

"I'd love to design holiday footwear," she said. "I'd love to design housewares. If you're going to have things in the house, you might as well not be bored by them."

But, one thing she doesn't foresee is making ugly sweaters for other holidays.

"I don't know if everybody is as ridiculous as I am," she mused. "I don't think anybody is going to get you a Valentine's Day sweater, because you're not really going to wear it outside of that one day. Most people will just get you some candy."