Watch out, Tamra and Vicki! There's a new wild woman on the Orange County block.

Kelly Dodd just joined "The Real Housewives of Orange County" this season, but a look at her prior record shows she has potential to be the most dramatic housewife the show has ever seen!

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Viewers were introduced to Kelly Dodd on the premiere episode of the eleventh season, but it's Kelly's crazy past pre-Real Housewives that has people talking now.

Radar Online has discovered that the newest OC housewife has been hit with not one, not two, but three restraining orders in the past -- usually involving her ex-slash-current husband, Michael Dodd. Confused? We're right there with you!

Kelly's been somewhat transparent about her and her husband's rocky road, opening up on the second episode of the show. The mother-of-one revealed that she was once divorced from her current husband Michael -- for two years! The reason? Kelly shared that her husband was "like Hitler" and a "control freak."

During those two years Kelly was actually engaged to someone else, a fact she glosses over before explaining why the one time exes reconnected.

"It made me realize it was easier being with him and having my family together than being divorced. We don't have a perfect marriage at all, but I'm going to suck it up like my parents did," Kelly confessed.

But now new facts about the couple's tumultuous time apart have been revealed, including the fact that Michael once had to have the courts intervene.

In July 2014 Michael obtained a restraining order against Kelly after a domestic violence dispute occurred, requesting that Kelly stay 100 feet away and precluded even "written contact" between the former spouses. Michael requested that they only have contact through a third party, which he later amended to allow for the couple to exchange custody of their daughter, Jolie.

That domestic abuse case was dismissed after Kelly completed her 10 mandated alcoholics anonymous meetings and attended six months of therapy. Ultimately, the restraining order was terminated by 2015 after the two reunited.

But Kelly's husband wasn't the only one who felt the need to obtain a restraining order against the new reality star. In January 2014 the former wife of Dodd's then-boyfriend Jeffrey Caldwell, Dana Caldwell, did the same thing, mandating that Kelly stay 100 feet from her and her son's school.

The reason for the restraining order stemmed from "inappropriate messages" that Kelly sent to Dana, which Dana claimed were "derogatory in nature, inflammatory, and harassing."

Calling Dana lazy, advising her to go to the gym and suggesting she get plastic surgery on her chin were among the inappropriate text and emails, which realistically all sound like par for the course "Real Housewives" insults.

The case was dismissed the following month, and Dodd responded to claims by denying any such conduct.

After having two restraining orders filed against herself, Kelly decided it was time to file a restraining order against someone else in September 2015. Kelly attempted to obtain the order against her ex-fiance's new girlfriend, Heidi Delgadillo.

Asserting that Heidi not only spoke inappropriately to herself and her daughter Jolie, but that their feud also got physical, Kelly detailed derogatory language and a nail digging incident in her request. She also noted that Heidi's son was now attending her daughter Jolie's school and often flipped her off in the parking lot.

Unfortunately for Kelly, the court did not deem the restraining order necessary, and it was denied without prejudice.

With a history already dotted with legal issues and major feuds, it looks like the ladies of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" have finally met their match!