He's fast-footed and loose lipped, but YouTube personality D-Trix is a big softie at heart.

The 30-year-old digital star, known for dance and rap skillz, posted a gushing photo on Instagram in which he poses with his adoptive father Pete and sister Nicole (and let's not forget the VERY cute pooch too!)

He wrote an accompanying heartfelt note alongside the snap, before signing off as "Corny-Trix."

Well there's nothing wrong with being corny -- in fact we at Wonderwall.com quite admire it.

After clearly spending a fabulous Easter with his fam, D-Trix explained to his 519,000 followers, "Often in the Entertainment Industry, we work so much that life can fly by.

"For all those that find them in this position with whatever your work is, I urge you (not that you don't) to always make time for your family."

D-Trix, whose full name is Dominic Sandoval, then gave a big-up to his dad and sis: "This is my sister, Nicole and my dad, Pete. Moments like this bring a happiness that work can't do.

"Don't get me wrong, I love my work and I'm BEYOND Happy... But seeing family smile around me is priceless. Happy Easter Everyone."

He then signed off, "Sincerely, Corny-Trix."

I was trying to think of a humble brag, but I got nothing. 📷by: @freakinaris

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D-Trix has two YouTube channels, "theDOMINICshow" and "RANDOMinicSHOW" and collectively has almost 4 million subscribers.

He competed on "So You Think You Can Dance" in 2007 and two years later, along with his dance group "Quest Crew," won the third season of "America's Best Dance Crew."

In a 2013 YouTube video titled "Draw My Life", D-Trix opened up about his family background, explaining how he was adopted at the age of two by his "new dad" Pete after his mother and biological father's relationship broke up.

As D-Trix put it: "At age two, I was adopted by my new dad, he was a full breed Mexican, and stereotypically correct, he was really good at lawn maintenance, which later rubbed off on me."

He added that he's "pretty cool" with his biological father these days too.

D-Trix also talked about his large family in the 2013 vid, telling his YouTube viewers he has "five other brothers and sisters; an older half brother, an older half sister, two step-brother twins and a younger brother."

Well that's plenty of family to keep him busy. D-Trix we're glad you had a happy Easter!