Anne Heche


Raised in a conservative religious home, Anne Heche got her acting start after she started doing dinner theater as a teen to make ends meet when her father’s death of AIDS left the family in financial ruin. A talent scout spotted her in a high school play and post-graduation she moved to New York to play twins on “Another World,” which won her a 1991 Daytime Emmy. Her film debut was in 1993’s “An Ambush of Ghosts.” She had her first taste of high-profile romance with Steve Martin in 1994. After wowing in “Donnie Brasco” (1997), she was on a professional role with “Volcano,” “Wag The Dog.” “Six Days Seven Nights,” and the “Psycho” remake despite many assuming her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres would end her mainstream career. After their 2000 breakup, Heche was hospitalized after wandering around Fresno, Calif., in a bra mumbling about aliens, one of many incidents detailed in her 2001 memoir “Call Me Crazy.” She married videographer Coley Laffoon in 2001, had son Homer in 2002, was nominated for a Tony and Emmy in 2004, and headlined her first TV series “Men In Trees” in 2006. She separated from Laffoon in 2007 after an on-set affair with James Tupper, a dirty custody battle followed and she claimed her accounts were drained by $15,000-a-month child support payments. Things have been looking up since as she gave birth to Tupper’s son Atlas in 2009, appeared in a few indies like “Cedar Rapids” and has had a steady stream of TV gigs (“Hung” and “The Michael J. Fox Show”).

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