Chris Colfer


Chris Colfer can relate to his “Glee” character’s outcast status and creative genius. Growing up in a conservative cow town in central California, he sought solace on the stage, joining a community theater group called Good Company Players when he was in elementary school. BY high school, he was president of a writers club, editor of the school’s literary magazine and member of the speech team. As a senior, he wrote, directed and performed in a parody of “Sweeney Todd”. While starting community college and working at a dry cleaners, he would drive to LA to audition  and one of his first professional tests was for “Glee”. While originally trying out for the part of Arty, he inspired creator Ryan Murphy to add the role of Kurt Hummel and he quickly became an audience favorite when the show debuted in 2009. BY 2011, Colfer had won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of a gay teen with a strong soprano voice who survived bullying, coming out to his father and wardrobe malfunctions. His inspirational role and incredible fan love gave him the strength to come out in real life as well. He has since toured with his musical costars, written a screenplay for “Struck By Lightning”, published a novel called “The Land Of Stories” and is developing a TV series for the Disney Channel.

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