Alyssa Milano


Alyssa Milano has a babysitter to thank for her celebrity because that’s who took the then 8 year old to an Annie audition without her parents’ consent. Cast as one of the orphans, she spent 18 months on the road. In 1984, she booked Who’s The Boss? Milano played Tony Danza’s outspoken daughter Samantha for eight seasons. She put out several pop albums, played Arnold Schwarzenneger’s kid in Commando and then tried to shake her teen –queen vibe by taking more risqué roles in Poison Ivy II and Melrose Place. She returned to TV all grown up from 1998 to 2006 as a Charmed sister witch. She had a recurring role on My Name Is Earl and will next be see in ABC’s summer soap Mistresses. She avoided many of the common child-star pitfalls although it took a few tries to find wedded bliss. An engagement to Scott Wolf ended after a year in 1994 and her 1999 marriage to Remy Zero frontman Cinjun Tate fell apart after a year. It appears the third time is a charm as she wed her longtime friend David Bugliari in 2009 and gave birth to son Milo in 2011. She has also kept idle hands busy as a UNICEF national ambassador and as the head of a clothing and jewelry line called TOUCH, which sated the baseball junkie’s hunger to design stylish merch for female sports fans. She has deals with MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and the NCAA.

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