5 Wrong Ben Affleck Movie Rumors

Ben Affleck's personal life is often the subject of phony tabloid stories, but his professional life is frequently targeted as well. Gossip Cop has debunked several false claims surrounding the actor's movie career. Here are five recent wrong rumors.


Last month, Gossip Cop busted Star for falsely claiming that Affleck was casting Playboy model Shauna Sexton in his upcoming movie Torrance. The actor and model had a brief fling, and according to the magazine, he was giving her a role in his new film. Around the same time the bogus article was published, Affleck and Sexton split. The model, who's never acted before, isn't appearing in Torrance.

Also last month, Gossip Cop debunked a National Enquirer story alleging that Affleck's friends feared his role in Torrance would lead to a relapse. In the film, the actor plays a former high school basketball coach struggling with addiction, and the magazine said the actor's pals believed he would go too deep into his character and start drinking again. The outlet's ridiculous premise was based on claims from an anonymous "source," but Affleck's rep told us on the record that his "friends loved the script for him" and weren't worried he'd take on the bad habits of his character.

Gossip Cop also called out the Globe last month for wrongly reporting that Affleck would be starring in a movie about Scott Peterson, who was convicted in 2004 of murdering his pregnant wife and their unborn son. The story was seemingly concocted because the actor shares somewhat of a resemblance with the killer, but Affleck's spokesperson confirmed he had no intention of playing Peterson in a film. The actor has several real projects lined up over the next few years, including Torrance and the Netflix movie The Last Thing He Wanted. Affleck will also be directing a true-crime movie starring Matt Damon. A Scott Peterson biopic isn't in the pipeline.

In July, Gossip Cop busted OK! for making up a story about Affleck wanting to star in a PG-rated movie to win over his kids. The outlet claimed the actor felt guilty about "the way he treated their mom [Jennifer Garner]," and believed starring in a "family-friendly flick" would help repair his relationship with his three children. Not only did a rep for Affleck tell us the story was fabricated, but there's never been a rift between the actor and his kids. In fact, Garner paid tribute to Affleck on Father's Day earlier this year, writing in an Instagram post, "Our kids are lucky to have a dad who looks at them the way you look at them and loves them the way you love them."

And finally, Gossip Cop called out OK! in February for falsely claiming that Affleck wanted to "reinvent himself" as a comedian and was begging Kristen Wiig to co-star in a movie with him. The tabloid claimed that the actor believed he could get back in the public's good graces if he made a comedy. Not only did Wiig's rep tell us the story was untrue, but Affleck's upcoming filmography proves he's not trying to become a comedy star. As noted above, Affleck is currently filming the addiction drama Torrance, and all of the actor's other upcoming projects are serious in nature.

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