@adele / Instagram 1 / 9
@adele / Instagram 1 / 9

Hello? Do you recognize me? Adele is certainly forging ahead with new music, but she isn't too proud to take a look in the rear view mirror.

The "Hello" singer took a moment to reflect on her past, taking to Instagram to post a throwback photo of a younger, pre-teen version of herself, complete with two missing front teeth and a bob hairstyle.

"Throwing it way back with this!" she captioned the old snap, though she doesn't reveal how old she was at the time. "Thank you for all the love, I am so blown away. X #TBT"

Since releasing her newest song last week, the Internet has exploded with fans giving the singer accolades. In just six days, it racked up over 130 million views on YouTube. The song is beautiful and dramatic in every way and has people shedding tears.

In an article in iD magazine, Adele said that losing her grandfather ultimately inspired her to pursue a musical career as she developed a desire to "fix people's hearts."

She said that her upcoming "25" album, which will be released on Nov. 20, is about missing her formative years and how we often don't appreciate the time until it's passed.

"[My teenage years] were the most real and best moments of my life," she said, "and I wish I'd known that I wasn't going to be able to sit in the park and drink a bottle of cider again."