Gwen Stefani "Relieved" Blake Shelton Didn't Propose On Christmas Is Made-Up Story

Gwen Stefani being "relieved" Blake Shelton didn't propose on Christmas is a made-up story. And it comes from a site that has been repeatedly caught manufacturing phony and often contradictory articles about the couple.


HollywoodLife, which is so well-known for its fibbing that it's routinely referred to as HollywoodLies, has published so many bogus tales about the No Doubt singer that her rep once told Gossip Cop, "I pretend they don't exist." To the chagrin of real journalists (and many celebrities), the blog does exist and frequently posts concocted articles like the current one alleging Stefani's "relieved" that her boyfriend of three years didn't pop the question on Christmas. In what's almost assuredly a lie, the site maintains it has a "source close to" Stefani, who supposedly shared she's "relieved" Shelton "didn't propose during their Christmas celebrations… a marriage proposal was the last thing on her mind."

The reason why she was grateful beyond words not to get engaged to Shelton, according to HollywoodLies, is that Stefani wanted to make the holiday strictly about her three sons. The blog then notes it "reached out to Gwen's rep for comment." But, as mentioned above, her spokesperson thinks so little of that outlet, if they heard back from the rep it would truly be a Christmas miracle.

It's interesting how HollywoodLies now claims Stefani is happy Shelton didn't propose because on December 18, 2016, in a piece titled, "Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani Getting Engaged Over The Holidays?" the same untrustworthy outlet quoted one of its seemingly make-believe sources relating how Shelton has "definitely been shopping for diamond jewelry," and "if he is ready to pop the question she is ready to say yes!" Ooh, that didn't age well.

Let's now fast-forward to November 13, 2017 when HollywoodLies posted its article, "Is Blake Shelton Planning To Propose To Gwen Stefani During Her Christmas Special?" In that fabricated report, the site trotted out yet another unnamed and purposely untraceable "insider," who contended how "the Christmas special would be the perfect opportunity for Blake to propose," and there was a real possibility viewers could "see him go down on one knee." That tale, which also contradicts the latest narrative of Stefani being "relieved" Shelton didn't propose, didn't age well either.

Let's skip to 2018, another year in which HollywoodLies threw everything against the wall, hoping desperately something would stick. On February 5, the repeatedly discredited site posted an article titled, "Blake Shelton Shopping For $500K Diamond Ring: Proposing To Gwen Stefani For Valentine's Day?" It answered its own question by stating, "We hear it could happen" following "rumors that Blake would be proposing to Gwen over Christmas." Of course, it was that habitually disproven blog that started those "rumors" back in 2016 and again in 2017.

Once that didn't happen, the outlet waited until November 1 to post a story with the unambiguous headline, "Gwen Stefani Wants An Engagement Ring From Blake Shelton As Their 3rd Anniversary Approaches." Again, the site's purported "source close to" Stefani was quoted as saying, "She is hoping this anniversary or holiday season, Blake surprises her with a ring."

For those keeping track, just 54 days ago, the same outlet that now claims she's "relieved" the country singer didn't ask her to marry him, asserted then that Stefani wanted Shelton to give her "a ring" during the "holiday season." "A ring would truly be the best Christmas present for Gwen," contended the aptly nicknamed HollywoodLies. A skeptic might say the website simply makes it up as they go along, which is why it's so wrong so often.

Ordinarily, Gossip Cop doesn't link to outlets that manufacture phony stories, because it's our belief they shouldn't be rewarded for bad reporting, as best, or completely fabricating, at worst. In this case, however, we've made an exception because we'd like our readers to see for themselves how HollywoodLife makes up fake articles.

It's hard to believe that outlet really has any sources close to Shelton or Stefani, considering how many untrue tales it's published about them. Not to belabor the point too much more, but it's also the same blog Gossip Cop busted when it inaccurately maintained in 2017 that Shelton and Stefani got engaged after he supposedly gave her a diamond ring. That never happened, neither did Stefani and Shelton having split up, which HollywoodLies also falsely claimed.

Another total lie Gossip Cop corrected was when the outlet alleged this past May that Stefani was pregnant with Shelton's baby. Basically, the blog concocts all sorts of stories about their relationship. If, at the end of this, you still think HollywoodLies actually has legitimate and reliable Shelton and Stefani sources, there's a good chance you also believe Santa Claus is real.

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