There's one heck of a year on the horizon for Becky G! The singer-actress, who has officially been cast as the Yellow Ranger in the "Power Rangers" reboot, recently hosted Glade's Museum of Feelings in New York City, where she dished on her new puppy, plans for the holidays, anxieties about joining the beloved franchise and more during an exclusive chat with Keep reading for the highlights! You were recently cast in the "Power Rangers" reboot. Congratulations! Are you nervous?

Becky G: "Thank you! I feel so, so blessed, so lucky and excited... I feel more excited than anything. Of course I have butterflies, because it's a huge deal. But I'm just gonna go in there with an open mind and ready to learn. It's my first movie, so I'm sure there will be a lot of new experiences."

WW: The Power Rangers are known for martial arts combat, so what are your plans for training?

BG: "The idea of doing your own stunts in a movie is cool, so hopefully I get to do that. But honestly, it's still so new. I think we're all kind of figuring it out right now."

WW: We see there's a new puppy in your life. Is he yours?

BG: "He's mine! But before I got him, I asked everybody else in the house -- my siblings and my parents -- how they felt about having a puppy because the truth is, although I say it's my puppy and I got him, it's a big responsibility and they're all helping me take care of him because he's still too young to travel right now. I want to bring him everywhere. He's so little."

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Everyone meet my baby "Patron" 💯❤️

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WW: What made this the right time to adopt a pet?

BG: "I've been super, super busy. I've been working really, really hard -- and there's no happiness like the happiness you get from having a puppy and that companionship. I already have one dog -- her name is Sally -- and she's awesome and I love her to death, but she's a big, big dog. She's an outdoor dog. She has too much energy sometimes. I wanted a smaller puppy that I could cuddle in my bed and would just love me for no reason. When you have animals -- whether it's a cat or a dog -- they just love you. You could leave to [go to] the grocery store and come back home and it's like they haven't seen you in 10 years."

WW: His name is Patron, right? How did you pick that name?

BG: "It's really funny. Everybody's like, 'Did you name him after the tequila?' And I'm like, 'No! I did not name him after the tequila.' I don't think people understand how tiny he is. He's like a little bit bigger than my hand. He's so little! But he carries himself so big, and I think that's what's so unique about his personality. All animals have their own personalities. So I feel like he's a little boss. But I thought it would be weird if I named my dog Boss, so I was like, 'Well, what's boss in Spanish?' Boss in Spanish is 'el patron,' so I thought, 'Why not name him Patron?'"

WW: What are your plans for the holidays?

BG: "I'll be working all the way up until Christmas. I'm going on a holiday radio-show tour, so I'm gonna be doing lots of performances and traveling coming up the next few weeks. So a lot of my Christmas shopping will be done online and with the help of my mom. But I don't mind. I like working! During Thanksgiving break, catching up on sleep was so hard because I feel more tired when I sleep in than when I only get a few hours of sleep. So I'm glad I'll be working during the holiday season up until Christmas. Then I'll finally be home with the family."

WW: What's your favorite Christmas song to perform?

BG: "I love 'Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.' I always forget the name, but it goes (singing), 'Chestnuts roasting on an open fire; Jack Frost nipping at your nose.' That one's really sweet too."

WW: How do you and your family celebrate Christmas?

BG: "We set themes for Christmas. One year we did a onesie theme, and the next year, each [immediate] family [member] had to wear matching pajamas... So we mix it up. Last year we hosted Christmas at our house and it was super-formal and old-school. Everybody dressed up in really, really fancy dresses for absolutely no reason -- just to dress up just because!"

WW: What's your New Year's resolution?

BG: "Just to be better. And to travel to more places in the world. I love traveling so much. Not many people my age get the opportunity to [travel]. It really changes your perspective on life. You learn a lot just being around different places and different people and cultures. I would love to continue traveling and learning... I haven't been to Japan, which I think would be really cool."

WW: What are you asking for this Christmas?

BG: "My cousins are like my big brothers and sisters. We're all working now and old enough to buy everybody presents, so it's stressful to think about what we want to get everyone. They were asking me a few days ago, 'What is something we can get you?' Honestly, I don't know. I have everything I could've ever wanted. There's nothing that comes to my brain. When you're little, it's like, 'Oh, I want the new Hot Wheels, the new Easy-Bake Oven or whatever,' and as you get older, it gets so much more complicated and your perspective on life changes. My cousin Joe was like, 'Well, we all know you like candles, so I think everyone should just buy her candles!'"

WW: What did you love about hosting Glade's Museum of Feelings?

BG: "It was so much fun -- something that I'll never forget. It was so unique... It feels like you're in a big dream."

WW: What's your favorite scent?

BG: "I love all the berry-scented candles. There was one at the museum that was really, really pretty. I really love warm, homey smells. Anything with berries in it reminds me of home because my mom loves berries as well."