Donald Faison's reputation as a goofball has been well-established, so it's no surprise that he's not exactly the most authoritative parent at home. Still, we didn't realize the full extent of his wife's suffering!

"[My wife] calls me Disney dad," the "Scrubs" alum told while launching his "Camp Halftime" video series for the Pepsi Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show.

"Every time the kids act up, I'm good cop and she's bad cop -- that's just how it is," he adds. "I'm the guy who comes around when it's all fun and games, but when it's time to make tough decisions and take things away from the kids, that's her job."

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But the fact that Donald's missus -- Jessica Simpson's BFF CaCee Cobb -- is the "bad cop" is really a credit to her parenting expertise, he says.

"She's so good," the funnyman gushes. "[Our kids] love her so much, and she's so good at caring and nurturing that when she does discipline, they listen... She's very good at getting [our son] Rocco to do things he is supposed to do -- and she's like that with me as well. When we first started dating, I was like, 'Wow, she's going to be a great mother.'"

Unfortunately for CaCee, it sounds like little Rocco is taking after his daddy already.

"He is a goofball," Donald tells us of his 2-and-a-half-year-old son. "He loves to entertain people. He loves throwing on music and dancing -- that's his thing. His thing is making everyone smile. He likes that."

(Just like Dad! Donald portrays an eccentric choreographer in Pepsi's hilarious "Camp Halftime" video series, which aims to draw attention to the unsung heroes of the Super Bowl: the dancers who are set to shake their stuff alongside Coldplay and Beyonce during football's biggest night.)

Donald and CaCee also have their hands full with a relatively new addition, 8-month-old daughter Wilder. "She's already got four teeth; she's crawling and pulling herself up and standing," says the proud papa.

But it's not all fun and games with two little ones at home.

"It's really scary," says Donald. "One of the craziest things my wife and I ever did was have two under 2... When everybody was like, 'It's gonna be crazy,' we weren't listening and we took it for granted. But it really is crazy."

The craziness is worth every second, though!

"We're really lucky," he adds. "We have two beautiful children who give us nothing but [joy] every day. There's not a moment that goes by that I don't think about my kids. So for a lot of people, [Wilder] crawling and pulling herself up and everything may be like, 'That's just what kids are supposed to do.' But for me, it's like watching a solar eclipse. It's just so beautiful to me."

"It's so amazing to me that the tiny little thing that my wife and I created is developing into her own -- and the same thing with Rocco," he continued. "Everything that they're doing is mind-blowing... They're into everything, and it's so amazing to watch."

One thing that Donald, who also has three older sons and a daughter from a previous relationship and marriage, hasn't ruled out watching is Rocco play football one day -- though he's aware of the ongoing public discussion about the safety of the sport.

"It's something we think about often," he explains. "We love football in our house. We love watching it, and we love what it represents. We also love our son, and that's a conversation we have to have if he says he wants to play football."

"I don't want to say anything bad about the NFL, but the concussion thing is a big deal right now for them," he adds. "So that's something that they have to deal with. Hopefully it's not something my son will have to deal with in the future."

For now, we'll settle on the Faisons shaking their stuff on the sidelines -- and in Pepsi's "Camp Halftime" series.

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