Say it ain't so!

Jerry O'Connell is putting his Speedo days behind him.

"I think my Speedo days are over. … I think I gotta retire them," the 42-year-old actor told while promoting his partnership with JCPenney on their Get Your Penney's Worth campaign.

"That last vacation that we went on when I was posting [photos of myself in a Speedo], I think that's it," he added.

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Rebecca Romijn's hubby has developed a bit of a reputation as a Speedo aficionado over the years -- "I am a swimmer; I love to swim, so I wear them when I go in the pool and do laps," he says.

So why the sudden change of heart?

"People really don't like them," says the "Sliders" alum. "People find them offensive."

Apparently, even Jerry's own father is among the Speedo detractors.

Explains the actor: "My parents aren't on social media, but I think somebody showed them a photo of me in a Speedo in Mexico, and my father called me up and said, 'Why are you wearing the Speedos?'"

"I was like, 'It's kinda funny,'" he adds. "It's sort of like a joke with my wife. She thinks it's funny. We just like to goof around, you know? It's just kinda goofy. But my father was like, 'Why are you doing that? It's just so weird.'"

"So I think the joke's over," he concludes. "I don't want to be known as the Speedo guy."

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It's a shame Jerry's chosen this particular moment to retire his swimsuit collection considering his body has never looked better.

The father of two has ramped up his workout routine in recent months and "put on a lot of weight" for his role as an out-of-work actor who moonlights as a manny in the upcoming fourth season of ABC's "Mistresses."

"Because 'Mistresses' is kind of like a sexy soap opera, every scene -- every scene, every scene -- I'm taking my shirt off. Every scene," Jerry says. "If there's a scene where I have a shirt on, it's a shocker."

"I'll tell you, there's no greater motivator for getting in shape than being on a network television show," he continues. "So not only are the 50 people who are on set gonna see it, but the millions of people at home are gonna see it when it airs."

"I go to the gym every day," he adds. "I can't even have a cheat day because I'm like, 'Oh man, I have to take my shirt off. I better get a pump on.' But I've been lifting weights. It's been a while since I've lifted weights, and it's all because of this show 'Mistresses.'"

Well, we can't wait to see more of Jerry's hot bod when "Mistresses" returns to ABC in summer 2016. Until then, we can only hope he changes his mind about the whole Speedo thing!

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