Molly Sims epitomizes our ultimate #goals. She's a gorgeous model, a successful author, a talented actress, a loving wife to producer Scott Stuber and an attentive mom to 3-year-old Brooks and nearly 1-year-old Scarlett. Somehow the 42-year-old is able to juggle all her responsibilities and still find time to stay fit and fabulous. caught up with the mother of two to learn some major tips. Keep reading for the highlights!

Molly Sims on CoolScultping: "CoolSculpting is FDA-cleared and a non-invasive treatment that gets fat gone for good. I did a little bit on my stomach. I had lost all my baby weight, and I couldn't get it off. I asked my dermatologist and said, 'This is driving me crazy. I can't do anymore sit-ups, I've done so much. I've dieted, I've gone to the gym.' And she was like, 'There's this new thing called CoolSculpting, where it literally freezes the fat.' I did it after my first baby, and it was amazing. I wrote about it in my book ("The Everyday Supermodel") and they asked if I would talk about it, and I was like, 'Yeah! I had a great experience.' You can now do the double chin, you can do love handles, you can do inner and outer thighs and the stomach of course. It's not a weight loss tool, first of all. It's not something that you're going to think, 'Oh my god, this is magic' and it's going to make you drop 20 pounds. But if you have that extra little something that you don't like, it's a very easy and efficient way to get rid of it."

Molly Sims on how she bounced back after two pregnancies: "You know, it was a lot of hard work. With the first one it was unfortunate that I gained so much weight, but I have a thyroid that went undiagnosed. But on this [second] one, I was much more careful because of everything I went through. I gained 25-30 pounds, and I was diligent. I wore the waist-trainer right after, I got in the gym as soon as they said I could and I watched what I ate. People don't realize, it's 80 percent what you eat and 20 percent physical. So I was really strict with what I ate, I had one little cheat day, and I just did it. I ate a lot of protein and a lot of vegetables, and I just really stuck to it. I watched my gluten; I watched my diary; I drank hot water with lemon and a little cayenne every morning. I hate water, but I tried to drink it through a straw, so I drank more of it. The best thing that I learned that I could give advice on is that every little thing counts. If it's an avocado -- if you're trying to lose weight -- don't have the avocado. Don't have the almond butter or peanut butter, because they are so high in calories. Don't drink your calories. Like a smoothie is great, but it should be mainly greens, and you can have a little pear or apple, but it's a lot of sugar. Everything on the side, everything grilled. It sounds really boring, but it does pay off!"

Molly Sims on how she maintains her weight after losing the baby weight: "If I'm getting ready for something, then I'll be more diligent, but I try and find a happy medium. Every day, I really try and watch it and maintain it. I don't use a scale, but I have a goal pair of jeans -- don't use the scale! -- and if I can get into those jeans, then we're golden!"

Molly Sims on her weekly fitness routine: "I do a lot of circuit training. I'll dance. I'll move. I'll do cardio. I'll do a leg series. I'll do an arm series. I'll get on a treadmill and go backwards and forwards. I work out with Nicole Winhoffer when she comes to New York and Body by Simone. You know, it's really just about changing it up, and not doing the same thing every single day. Do a lot of reps. If I do lunges, I do 90 lunges. I'll grab my baby, who's a heifer and 21 pounds, and turn up the heat and the turn up the music."

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Molly Sims on the hardest part about working out: "Cardio is hard. I really have to push it. I really have to set a timer. I'll say, 'Okay, do 15 minutes without stopping then get water.' If I'm running, I'll set a timer. Also doing it with a friend, having a trainer or doing it with your kids and make a game out of it. Sometimes I hate working out, sometimes I've exhausted."

Molly Sims on how she balances her career, staying fit and a being a present mother: "Little by little. I use spaces of time to the fullest. You work hard, you play hard. If you're doing something, and I'm taking them to a music class or gym class or soccer, I'll go with them, I'll be present and not be on my phone."

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Molly Sims on the importance of time management: "You know that's what it's all about. I really do, I know that sounds weird, but every single minute of the day is scheduled. Like today at 10 a.m. she has a music class, and then at 11:30 a.m. I pick him up. At 12:45 p.m. he has a gymnastics class, then we come home and nap, and then I have two hours where I can get emails done, then we have dinner. I use my iPhone to calendar everything. If I say I'm going to do something, like workout, I actually put that into my calendar from 9-9:50 a.m. or 10:30-11:30 a.m., so it's already scheduled and I can wake up and see what I'm doing today."

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Molly Sims on her best advice for all women: "Do it little bit little. If you fall off, get back on. Two days isn't going to kill you, three days isn't going to kill you, just get back on the horse. People sometimes feel like, 'Oh my god, I failed,' or 'I cheated.' You can get back on. It's when you completely give up, that's when you really sink into that hole, and that's a really hard place to be in. You just get up and say, 'Ok, I'm going to do this,' and the next day do the same. And just watch what you're eating. Really pay attention, just figuring out what goes in your mouth."

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Molly Sims on having a "cheat" day: "I think you have to give yourself a cheat day. I don't think you need to go crazy and binge, but you just need to relax about it and not really have to think about it."

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Molly Sims on her go-to "cheat" meal: "Probably pasta, because I don't really eat a lot of it. I love really good pasta and really good fish. And I'm from the south, so I never met a biscuit I didn't like."

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Molly Sims on her exciting upcoming projects: "We're writing a follow-up to my book, 'The Everyday Supermodel,' called tentatively, 'The Everyday Supermodel at Home.' And that's taking a lot, because we have to deliver it in four months. I'm still contributing on 'The View,' I just got a contract that will be announced over the weekend actually."

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