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While it may feel like Tyler Oakley is an open book on his YouTube channel for his nearly eight million subscribers, the social media star reveals a much more personal side of himself in his new documentary.

"Snervous" turns the lens and shows a year in the life of the 26-year-old YouTube sensation, and spoke to him about the film's big moments, including his emotional journey of coming out to his parents.

And Tyler -- who attended the Los Angeles premiere of the documentary on Dec. 10 -- also revealed that he would love to marry one day and start a family, complete with "dogs and a house with a wrap around porch."

Opening up about what it was like revealing his sexuality to his parents, Tyler said: "When I came out to my parents, my mom and step-dad were great, and I talk about it a bit in my book and I show it in the movie, but what I haven't done yet is explore the relationship with my [biological] dad," he said.

"That's really an incredible moment at least for me to watch in the movie. I have a really honest and raw conversation with him about coming out and identity and acceptance.

"A lot of times you hear stories about 'one of my parents didn't accept me' and sometimes that feels like the end of the story but there's so much more to the journey of people coming around, and I wanted to show that in the movie."

In the trailer for "Snervous", Tyler explains that when he told his biological father he was gay, he recommended counseling. "He found out I was gay and was like, 'we can send you to counseling, we can fix this,' Tyler says in the film teaser.

Expanding on his relationship with his father to, Tyler continued: "You really get to see the growth that happens if you give it time. Sometimes that time means space and sometimes you won't talk for years and sometimes that's what you need for the relationship to work in the long run.

"It was really important for me to show that with my dad in the movie, because I know a lot of young people are going to watch it who might not have supportive parents and they might feel like 'my parents don't support me now and that's how it's going to be forever,' but that's not always the case. When I was talking to my dad about it, I was like this is so much bigger than just us."

Based on his own experience, he also has advice for young people who are thinking about coming out. "I would say, do it on your own terms. Your identity is your own. It's nobody else's. As brave as it is to be loud and proud, it's also brave to do it when it's right for you, to wait until it's safe, to take care of yourself," he said. "You are choosing to share more of yourself with people, and that's an honor, not anything less."

And while Tyler has made his career by sharing who he is with people, there's one job that he still hopes to achieve. "When I think about dream jobs, it's a dad. I can't predict, but I definitely want to be married. I definitely would like to be a dad someday," he shared. "I want to have dogs and a house with a wrap around porch. I'm very traditional in that sense."

"Traditional" won't be the word to describe him in "Snervous" though. As Tyler explained: "For super fans who have seen every video, I hope they see a completely different side of me.

"I think that 100% comes across. For people who don't know who I am, I think the movie has something to offer with the fact that there's something happening online right now, and it's a new phenomenon of internet culture, of oversharing on the internet, a YouTube phenomenon, a fandom culture. For someone who doesn't know who I am or what a YouTuber is, watch this documentary and get a glimpse of the world that's happening whether you understand it or not."

The documentary gets its name from the combination of scared and nervous. Tyler put the word into context, admitting: "The fact that everybody is about to watch the movie tomorrow makes me snervous!"

At the premiere on Dec. 10, Tyler was joined by his mom, Jacquelyn Fields, as well as a host of fellow YouTube personalities including Amanda Steele, Jenn McAllister and Ingrid Nilsen.

"Snervous" hits select theaters on Dec. 11, 2015 and will be released on iTunes and Google Play.