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Finally! Beyonce and Jay Z have been married for more than seven years, but they've never released a single image from that sacred day… until now.

Just days after their seventh anniversary, Jay Z posted a short video of the two exchanging vows — He's donning a black tuxedo while he places a ring on Beyonce's finger. Jay Z's song "Young Forever" plays over the video with Beyonce singing the hook.

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The video ends with the couple gleefully walking down the aisle as man and wife, Jay Z's finger pointed toward the sky. He didn't caption the video posted to Instagram, clearly letting the video speak for itself.

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The video has actually been shown before, but only once. The couple showed it during the opening night of their "On The Run" tour in Miami last June.

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The couple have since welcomed a child, 3-year-old Blue Ivy.

Jay Z and Beyonce are currently celebrating their anniversary in Hawaii.