Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Anniversary Tweet Proves Divorce Stories Wrong

Kim Kardashian marked her fourth wedding anniversary with Kanye West on Thursday with a tweet about staying together "forever." Notably, her message comes after Gossip Cop recently debunked false claims about the couple divorcing. It's now more apparent how wrong those stories were.

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On May 1, Gossip Cop busted NW for claiming in a cover story that Kardashian was filing for divorce from West. The tabloid insisted she was "officially done keeping up" with the rapper's "erratic ways," and maintained that "not only has she had updated divorce papers drawn up, but she's already signed on the dotted line." At the time, we pointed out that Kardashian had just spoken about looking forward to their anniversary and West's birthday on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." On top of that, the reality star's spokesperson confirmed to Gossip Cop on the record that the divorce claims were "false."

One day later, we called out Life & Style for its own cover story wrongly announcing a divorce. The magazine alleged Kardashian was taking a "drastic step toward ending her troubled marriage" as a result of his "social media meltdown." Yet Kardashian herself had posted on Twitter that same week, "Twitter is such a bette[r] place with @kanyewest on here." Gossip Cop also highlighted how this same tabloid falsely claimed the couple was divorcing last November.

On May 7, we addressed a RadarOnline article that claimed Kardashian was "strongly considering" a divorce. The site, which has been inaccurately predicting the demise of the marriage for several years, quoted a so-called "source" as saying, "Kim thinks that divorce may be her only option to save herself and her children right now." It was even asserted that the mom of three was "having a breakdown herself" over purported issues with West. But Kardashian showed she was doing quite well just days prior, going from spending time with the performer in Wyoming to Vegas to see Cher in concert with friends from high school. And Gossip Cop checked in again with a spokesperson, who maintained a divorce still wasn't on the table.

The storyline flipped a bit on May 9, with In Touch contending West had left Kardashian after a "massive fight." As a result, the outlet alleged she planned to "make it official and divorce him." Of course, he didn't actually leave Kardashian in the way the story implied, but went to Wyoming for work. And with West unable to attend the Met Gala due to that work, he tweeted a photo of his wife's glam look with fire emojis, and Kardashian posted on Twitter in response, "Love you babe wish you were here with meeeeee but you're only finishing up 5 albums." This was not a couple torn apart and planning to permanently go their separate ways.

By May 14 NW had another offering, this time alleging Kardashian was "already lining up Yeezy's replacement" and was on "the hunt for a new hubby." As the story went, she was "quietly preparing to split" from West and was "keen to match up with another high profile star as soon as possible so they can become the next Hollywood power couple." Drake, Michael B. Jordan and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey were said to be the men under consideration. It was further claimed she was "ignoring" the rapper in the meantime, a clearly false contention considering Kardashian and West were seen happily together at a Wyoming BBQ restaurant just days before.

And then on May 19, Gossip Cop examined a Grazia article that claimed Kardashian had an "exit plan" and "escape plan in place" so she could leave West. Those plans were said to include having a divorce lawyer "on speed dial" and working with momager Kris Jenner to "get her affairs in order." Like the tales that came before it, it was alleged she was motivated to call it quits due to West's controversial remarks and behavior. But People had already reported how Kardashian was a "loyal" wife who was committed to defending him "until the end." In that bust, we specifically said it would be evident in a few days, with the couple's anniversary on May 24, that Kardashian was not going the divorce route.

Now she has proven us right and all of the split stories wrong. In celebration of their milestone, Kardashian posted on Twitter on Thursday, "4 years down and forever to go." She went on, "Thank you babe for giving me our family and caring so much about us. Thank you for inspiring me on a daily, I'm so lucky. I can't wait for forever." Claims of marriage trouble were similarly proven untrue in April when Kardashian and West engaged in PDA in a kissing video that was shared on social media. The tabloids ought to spend more time paying attention to reality than manufacturing blatant fiction.

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