The Romijn-O'Connell family rang in 2016 looking happy, healthy -- and incredibly fit.

Rebecca Romijn, 43, and Jerry O'Connell, 41, have been sharing photos from their tropical family vacation with twins Dolly and Charlie via their Instagram pages in recent days, and let's just say that it's hard not to be envious.

They genetically gifted pair revealed their beach bodies -- her in colorful bikinis, him in small Speedos -- as they swam, jumped, dove, frolicked and snuggled during a getaway to celebrate the New Year as well as their daughters' seventh birthday on Dec. 28.

On Jan. 2, they posted pics of Rebecca balancing atop Jerry's legs and of the girls chasing after their mom on a sandy beach.

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Rebecca also shared a photo of her husband of eight years walking the plank.

Man on Wire

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Jerry also posted a sweet photo of himself embracing one of his little girls.

Still at the stage where they like me so figured it was postable

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Rebecca and Jerry haven't revealed their exact whereabouts, but they're clearly blending right in: The star of "The Librarians" called them "creatures of the blue lagoon" in yet another post.

For all of their stunning vacation photos, check out Rebecca and Jerry's Instagram pages here and here.