You don't need to spend too much time with DJ Flula to know that he's a character.

Flula Borg gained mainstream fame when he starred as Pieter Kramer in "Pitch Perfect 2," but before then, he was making his name known on YouTube, the platform where he currently has over 770,000 subscribers.

A German DJ, Flula began his career as a Schuhplatterler dancer, which is a traditional style of dance popular in the Alpine regions. Now he's making moves toward a film career. His flick "Buddymoon," which scooped the Audience Award Best Narrative Film at the Slamdance Film Festival, hits theaters and on demand on July 1. caught up with him at our summer themed New Wave photoshoot, where we pulled together some of the biggest names in social media, to find out exactly how he's made the career transition and stayed so true to his funny self in the process. Full disclosure: It's difficult to take him too seriously because joking is just a natural part of who DJ Flula is. And with that, we present you with the full 15 minutes so that you too can get to know him. We hope you enjoy him as much as we did.

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WW: What projects do you have coming up?

I'm a releasing a sassy film.

WW: "Johnny Fist" right?

Oh look at you, hardcore researching! (laughs) There's 2. The one I was referring to is called "Buddymoon" with my friend David Giuntoli who was on the show "Grimm," which is a monster show on NBC. His wife leaves him before they get married so technically he's not yet wife and they have a honeymoon and I decide as his best friend to replace him in the honeymoon so it's a buddymoon. It comes out July 1 in theaters and everywhere in places where movies exist.

WW: What about "Johnny Fist?"

"Johnny Fist" we are still editing. Funny with Indiegogo, it's free promotion. We need way more money than what we asked for but it's free promotion to become a teammate of the sassy project. Basically we shot a movie as we drove from LA to Park City about me as a cowboy poet, and I wrote and edited and directed it. Some people would call it a s--- show. You've heard of this phrase before? I would call it a masterpiece theater.

WW: When did you realize you were starting to gain a steady fan base?

I didn't know until I released a video many years ago called "Opa Poodles," which is when I was deported from the states back to Germany, I wrote a sad song and I thought it would be sad about the things I love about Germany. It became a happy song, and I involved my grandfather and some poodles. It's a Techno tune, and it received like 400,000 views on Reddit. It was up for 3 years and no one saw it and then one day, 400,000 views and I was like oh this is maybe a place to make some things. That was my wake up call.

WW: What are your tips for people trying to get discovered via social media?

Deodorant and then I would say flossing.

WW: No but really, how do you get discovered these days?

That I don't know. Every year it's a new thing. Snapchat was what was that 3 years ago? We would chat and then snap means what? Snap bracelet? Nobody knows. I think the trick is to just make stuff. Always produce things. Cupcakes, cookies. Make things you enjoy.

WW: Are you in the third "Pitch Perfect?"

I don't even know that I'm in the second one.

WW: What was it like for you to be in the movie?

It was great because normally when I shoot things it's very small studios with with very few snacks and this was with a lot of snacks so I could have all the snacks I wanted.

WW: Who was the funniest person on set?

The Craft services person.

WW: What about Rebel Wilson?

Rebel Wilson is also very funny, but she is second next to craft person who provided the cupcakes.

WW: Do you want them to write you in on the third movie?

And the the fourth and so on.

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WW: What do you binge watch?

I like old things. I like "West Wing" and also "The Wire" and "House of Cards," "Game of Thrones."

WW: What summer movie do you want to see?

I like any movie that's in a cool dark location.

WW: What's on your summer reading list?

I would like to read anything with a Paddington Bear.

WW: We haven't read that book in like 100 years.

How old are you? Tell me how was Ulysses S. Grant as a president.

WW: Do you have a favorite food?

It changes every like six minutes. Currently it's a pretzel bite with peanut butter covered in chocolate provided by Trader Joe's, but if you ask me in 10 minutes it'll be lasagna.

WW: Do you have a favorite German food?

It's my mom's homemade noodles and then there's like this piece of beef that you have pounded hard core but not sexual just pounded and then you fill it with mustard and you roll it up and fry that sucker.

WW: What has been your first fan interaction?

My mom after I read a poem about pigeons when I was 7. She clapped.

WW: Besides your mom?

My cousin Sven. I read the same poem to him.

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WW: If you weren't currently acting and posting vids to YouTube, what else could you see yourself doing?

I would be an engineer on another planet.

WW: Why are you not an engineer?

It requires school and responsibility, and I don't want to be responsible for faulty buildings. It's a lot of weight. I would rather make a terrible video instead of a terrible bridge.

WW: What do people not know about you? What do you want to tell them?

I think Tina Turner is underrated as a performer. Her song "Steamy Windows." No one knows it.

WW: Is that your favorite Tina Turner song?

It's like top 3, but no one knows it. They know like "Rolling Down the River" and then they think she was "Dancing on the Ceiling" but that's not even Tina Turner.

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WW: What's your top favorite song?

Right now, it's the theme song underneath the "Diehard" movie then the original "Jurassic Park" soundtrack.

WW: Who is the celeb you haven't met yet but you want to meet?

I would say James Worthy. Big Games James. He played for the Los Angeles Lakers and had a very nice beard.

WW: Why do you want to meet him?

I think he sounds nice. He sounds like a friendly man. What about you? Who would you like to meet?

WW: We wanted to meet you and then it happened.

Get out of the towns! Holy smokes.