King Bach is one of the most fascinating social media stars -- all thanks to Vine!

"It's not as popular as it was back in the day," King Bach told of the social media platform that made him a star. "But I still get 10,000 followers a day."

Not only is Andrew Bachelor, 27, the most followed person on Vine with 15.7 million followers, but he's also used his digital success to transition into acting in TV shows including "The Mindy Project," "House of Lies" and "Resident Advisors" and in feature films like "Fifty Shades of Black" and "Meet the Blacks."

And now, he's blowing up on other social media platforms too. "I like them all equally," he said of his many social accounts. "It's just fun to create."


The Vine King took a break from hanging out with his many celeb pals and sat down with during "The New Wave" photo shoot to chat about what's trending on social media, Justin Bieber and which celeb he admires most. Keep reading for the highlights from our chat!

On becoming pals with Justin Bieber:

"He's awesome. He's a humble guy. I was in Vegas at Floyd's fight, and he's really good friends with Floyd so he saw my videos and we just hit it off."

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On the celeb he'd love to meet:

"Will Smith. He's my hero. He's my Superman."

On his first fan interaction:

"It's actually like way before Instagram and Vine, I made one viral video in college and my friend saw it on this blog called WorldStarHipHop. That was the first way before I thought about making Internet videos. It was just a lucky fluke… But I have signed a titty before."

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On what he's most proud of:

"Making my mommy happy."

On what he's watching:

"Right now, 'The Flash.' I love that show. My favorite movie I saw this year was 'Zootopia.'"

On what he's reading:

"I like reading books that educate since I do comedy. It's also in your blood but there is a format and formula to it so I like to read books like that and books about success."


On who he'd love to collaborate with on YouTube:

"My friend Timothy Delagero. We've been talking about collaborating for like five years, but he lives far so it's a drive. It's coming up."

On his Bachify app:

"It's basically like every photo-editing app in one. You can make yourself skinny. Guys can add muscles. It's got, like, pimple removers. It's got everything. I was tired of when editing photos, going into like 30 different apps trying to figure out which one was the right one. It will be released around Christmastime this year."

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On whether or not he expects to make money off of his Bachify app:

"No, no one does. But there are people now who think that's the way to go. I'm glad to give hope to others."

Clearly King Bach has a lot in the works. And it all started on Vine!