Call it the "new wave" of celebrity!

To kick off the sweet summertime, brought in seven YouTube stars, two Viners and one Instagram influencer to get a feel for how social media has changed their lives. Tyler Oakley, Gigi Gorgeous, D-Trix, Eva Gutowski, DJ Flula, MayBaby, Lisa Schwartz, King Bach, Gabriel Conte and Quinta Brunson all shared their tips for social media success -- and so much more -- so keep checking our site throughout the summer as we roll out a dose of stories on our favorite social stars!

Let's start with Tyler Oakley, who reaches more than 8 million on YouTube. But that number took a while to achieve.

When it comes to growing your audience, Tyler advises, "Know that it's going to take time. When I started, I wasn't full-time until five years into it. A lot of people want an instant something to take off."

So be patient!


For YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous, it's all about teamwork and consistency. That's what helped her gain more than 2 million subscribers.

"My manager and I have worked together for years now. We were friends in Toronto first, and I would be nowhere without him because I definitely don't have the best business-savvy mind on earth, so definitely a good team for sure," she recommends.

Lisa Schwartz is nearing the 2 million subscribers mark on YouTube, and she advises people to stay consistent. "Make sure that you are consistent with your schedule and your material," she explains. "People expect to see something on a certain day and time. And be passionate about what you're putting out, because if you're not passionate about it, no one is going to be passionate about watching it."

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YouTuber Eva Gutowski also followed her passion, which has helped her get to more than 6 million subscribers on her "MyLifeAsEva" channel.

"Find out what you absolutely love to do and do it consistently on YouTube. Whether you love sports and you're really good at them or baking or anything," she explains. "Anything that's passion can be turned into a YouTube channel and there's millions of people that have the same interest as you and you may not realize it until you start your channel and then suddenly all these people are connected to you because you're someone on YouTube doing what they love too. So just find what you love and definitely make sure you upload weekly and stay connected to all your viewers and make sure they know you care about them."

Meg DeAngelis (AKA MayBaby on YouTube) shared a specific example of how to make your interests work for you and fans alike -- and in her case, it involves her channel, which reaches 5 million subscribers. "When I talk about something a lot, people can tell I really like it. Clouds, for example -- I like clouds and I like the cloud emoji, so when people make edits of me, they add, like, cool clouds and stuff," she continues. "So I want to make a shirt with clouds on it and offer it to them as merch so they had something physical. So I think that's a good way."

Dancer D-Trix has high expectations for his two YouTube channels, which have a combined reach of more than 3.5 million -- and he thinks you should too. "I think you have to higher your standard. I think you have to know your standards in the world that you're creating. If you're in the YouTube world, you have to meet [and] know their standards," he says. "You have to meet these people and know their trials and tribulations, so really getting into the world of what you want to do and know[ing] the standard of what you're going against, not even against, but what you want to do, [is important]."

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DJ Flula Borg has set a standard for being a funnyman on his YouTube channel, which reaches nearly 800,000. After joking that his tips involve "deodorant and flossing," he added, "Every year it's a new thing. Snapchat was -- what was that three years ago? We would chat and then snap means what? Snap bracelet? Nobody knows. I think the trick is to just make stuff. Always produce things."

But Vine star Gabriel Conte warns, "Don't try [to] conform to what other people are doing and try and, like, copy that. Find something that people aren't doing in a sense, use that space that's left open in the market, and try [to] fill that hole."

Fellow Vine star King Bach is the most-followed person on the platform, and he thinks that if you're having a good time, it'll show.

"Just have fun. That's all I did," he says. "It's just whatever makes you smile, just do that. Have Justin Bieber in your video... just kidding!"

But really... that just may help!

And as Instagram/Buzzfeed star Quinta Brunson says, "It's all about embracing what made you unique in the first place."

And there you have it: Take these tips from the pros, and you're bound to enjoy some social media success too!