It's not easy coming up with content that goes viral, but when you're an Instagram and Buzzfeed video star like Quinta Brunson, the ideas flow freely!

During's "New Wave" photoshoot we found out how the 26-year-old comes up with her video ideas.

When brainstorming, she looks for, "Things that stand out to me as important to my life in growth and development." Why? Because she knows "people might've gone through the same thing."

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Quinta further added that it's all about creating the "relatable and poignant moments."

It's easier said than done, though. Quinta knows that not everyone has the time to sit and turn their dear diary entries into content. But for her, it's her steady gig.

"My job is to turn those experiences into grounded pieces of work," she says of her personal goings on.


She posts many of her original videos on Instagram and has grown her audience to over 600,000 followers with the help of her hilarious and relatable Instagram series titled "The Girl Who's Never Been on a Nice Date."

A natural comedian, she has stayed true to herself, therefore maintaining her fan base.

"I haven't changed yet, and that's been pretty tight," she says. "Not unless it was a natural change, like an adaption. I've still been able to remain the same person. I've seen some people just completely become different people, so I feel good about staying me."

You could even say, "You Do You" Quinta! "You Do You" is the name of the witty, scripted Buzzfeed Violet series about self-discovery that Quinta stars in. It was made available on iTunes on Nov. 18, 2015.

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"We were on the top of the iTunes charts, which was crazy, and I don't think any of us expected that," Quinta says. "It was insane. It shows the power in our fans and the people who loved the show."

The second season -- which is eight episodes long -- was recently released on YouTube on June 28. Quinta spoke about how the second season will show the characters going through "some crazy changes" while doing things like hitting a childhood friend's wedding when you're single AF.


"I've always been a performer," says Quinta, who adds the key to turning creative talents into a business is, "Embracing what made you unique in the first place."