Need some motivation this Monday?

Look no further than Quinta Brunson, the comedian and digital star known as Quinta B., who tweets out motivational words all the time.

The woman behind the famous "The Girl Who's Never Been on a Nice Date" Instagram series shares words for her 118,000 Twitter followers that can appeal to us all.

Sometimes, there's no better way to get centered than to go back home, as Quinta points out.

But it's not just universal truths that Quinta shares. She has also offered words of wisdom in the form of advice too.

We imagine she probably says some of these affirmation style in the mirror in the morning.

And we love that she's no stranger to speaking from personal experience.

There's no doubt her words can help us all step up and be exceptional. "Never too late to be a better human. The world could use it," she tweeted. "People need to grow. Let them."

And beyond her words of advice, Quinta shared words about herself that can inspire just about anyone.

"Innovation" is her favorite word, and she is very self-aware about wanting to become a "better" person.

For Quinta, it's all about having a "good heart" and complimenting friends.

One of the faces of Buzzfeed video, Quinta made it clear that she has a job and that it's simpler than we all think.

And while she has so many inspirational quotes from her own words, there's one that she shared that we all could use for those Monday blues.

According to Quinta, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" is "the most important quote."

Now that you've read quotes from Quinta, happy Monday!