It's not easy going public with a relationship on social media!

For LA-based Vine star Gabriel Conte, 21, he decided to tell the world and his 681,000 Instagram followers that he had a girlfriend through an Instagram post. Known for his Vine following, he gained nearly 2 million followers in just a few years, and his YouTube video about "annoying things girlfriends do" is his most viewed to date.

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But he doesn't seem annoyed at all with his girlfriend, Jess Bauer, a YouTuber and singer who is from Australia. How does he keep his lady happy? Well, to start, he doesn't hide their relationship. He made sure his followers knew he was attached with an adorable Insta post showing him kissing his gal on the cheek. The caption read: "So how does one tell the internet he's in a relationship?"

When Gabriel came to Wonderwall's studios for the summer-themed "The New Wave" photoshoot, he spoke about becoming Instagram official.

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"I chose Instagram to announce [my relationship] because it's a place to post a picture about it and I guess Instagram is something people check more regularly too," he said. "It was nerve racking because I've never done something like that and there were people that reacted negatively to it."

Before Gabriel and Jess went public, some of his fans picked up on their romance before his Instagram post.

"A lot of people were figuring it out beforehand because she had posted photos that didn't show my face, but I was in them and then I would like those photos and people were like, 'Oh who's this?' and were tweeting," he says. "Sometimes to be fun, we would favorite the tweets," he added of he and Jess' online play.

OK, check. Gabriel and Jess totally figured out how to have fun with your love from afar. But despite being miles apart, Gabriel, who will appear in the series "Mr Student Body President" in early July, says his relationship is the real deal.


"For me, I'm not one to date just to date," he said. "If I'm in a relationship, it's something I'm going to take very seriously and make it last. If you're dating just to date and it's a fling, then I get why you'd hide from social media because then you're probably going to break up," he continued. "So for me, I'm trying to make it last so I'm not scared to put it out there. It's not something I'm going to regret putting on the Internet."

Gabriel is planning a trip to Australia this summer to visit Jess. It will be his first time out of the country, so it's probably safe to say we'll be privy to a lot of fabulous documentation.