Entertainment Tonight.

It was an "American Idol" shocker the night that Michael Johns was voted off the show last season, but now the Aussie heartthrob is releasing his debut album, Hold Back My Heart.

The first single from the album, "Heart on My Sleeve," will be available on iTunes on April 14 and the track impacts radio on April 21. The album drops on June 23.

When "American Idol" instituted the new "judges save" rule this season, Michael was one of the contestants, along with Chris Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson, who was featured in the footage that ran of those who were sent home too soon.

But he takes his being voted off too early in stride, saying, "Talk about the chance of a lifetime. 'Idol' allowed me to introduce myself to the world and I plan on making the most of that opportunity."

Michael has been busy since finishing up the "American Idol" tour. He recorded the holiday song "Another Christmas," with proceeds going to the Red Cross and ALS. He also co-wrote the soundtrack for the documentary "Don't Look Down," based on Olympic gold medalist Shaun White. He performed on the West Coast run of Kanye West's "Glow in the Dark" tour and on the PBS special "Hit Man: David Foster & Friends." In addition, Johns just co-wrote a track for the upcoming album from "Idol" alum Brooke White.

"I remember driving down the freeway at age 15 and Pearl Jam's 'Daughter' was on the radio," Michael recalls. "I don't know what it was about that song, but afterward I kept singing it over and over. The feeling it gave me made me say, 'I have to do this for life.' I started a band a few months later and have been going ever since. I never dreamed it would take me here."