NBC will have the official premiere of Mariah Carey's new video "Obsessed" on tonight's (Wednesday, July 15) " America's Got Talent." You know, the Brett Ratner-directed video we've been hearing about for weeks now. The one where she may or may not be dissing Eminem who recently skewered Mimi in his video "Bagpipes From Baghdad."

We'll leave it to Carey and Eminem to parlay their tiff into more money for giant closet remodels and ... well, whatever Eminem spends his cash on ... but as Todd Martens of the Los Angeles Times says, whether Carey is upset with Eminem, her imitators or the tabloids: "It doesn't really matter. Either way, it will help Mariah stay in the headlines for weeks to come -- long enough to fuel hype for her album 'Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel,' which will be conveniently released on (Aug. 25) in time to make the cut for the new Grammy eligibility rules."

Carey will also perform live Wednesday, Aug. 5 on this season's first "America's Got Talent" results show.