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One of 50 Cent's biggest songs is called "I Get Money," but he may have to amend those lyrics, because right now the rapper can't even access an ATM.

The rapper and entrepreneur's personal bank account has reportedly been frozen after apparently failing to pay a massive settlement to a company called Sleek Audio to the tune of $17.2 million. Because, you know, it would be easy for anyone to forget about a $17.2 million payment!

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How did this all come to be? Well, 50 Cent reportedly struck a deal to market headphones for the audio company, but later backed out. The company, however, claimed that 50 Cent then stole its design and tried to market it on his own. A court agreed with Sleek Audio, hitting 50 Cent with the settlement.

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An attorney for the rapper told TMZ that they are appealing the judgment and that Sleek Audio is "desperately attempting" to hold money from 50 Cent. His assets, though, are "appropriately protected," his attorney said.

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One thing that's important to note: The judgment only affects 50 Cent's personal bank accounts -- he still has access to his business bank accounts.

According to Forbes, 50 Cent is worth about $140 million, thanks to his music career and a slew of savvy investments, most notably Vitamin Water.