Entertainment Tonight.Actress Angelina Jolie speaks about balancing her movie star status and motherhood and says she feels fortunate that she can spend quality time with her children while also enjoying a successful career."I've been lucky to have a great career and a lot of success. But I wake up every day, just the happiest mommy. I'm so lucky, and I don't want to miss school lunches and things like that," Jolie tells ABC for an interview to air on tonight's "Nightline."The actress also reveals how she was initially reluctant to take on her role in 'Changeling' because just reading the script about a woman whose son is kidnapped gave her insomina as she pondered whether something similar could happen to one of her six children."I read it and when I first read it I said no. And I said I wanted to stay away from it because I couldn't sleep the night I read it. Just the thought of anything happening to my kids is something I didn't want to think about. But I couldn't forget her and that she's this real person, she's this real woman that went through this," Jolie says.