LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Documents show that an attorney who has met with Peter Falk does not believe the actor needs to be placed under a conservatorship.

In a report filed Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Clark R. Byam writes that he sees no need for Falk's daughter to be placed in control of the 81-year-old actor's personal and financial affairs.

Byam was appointed by a judge to evaluate Falk's status and represent his interests.

Falk's daughter, Catherine Falk, petitioned to take over her father's affairs in December, claiming that he has Alzheimer's disease.

A hearing on whether to establish a conservatorship is scheduled for Monday.

Byam's report notes that a probate investigator's report came to a different conclusion and recommends establishing a conservatorship.

Byam also details a visit with Falk in which he described the actor as "well-dressed, clean and composed."