The cofounders of NOH8 tell exclusively reports that Aubrey O'Day was a diva while shooting their No H8TE ad campaign are wrong.

"We are happy and excited to have Aubrey O'Day apart of the NOH8Campaign," cofounders Adam Bouska and Jeff Parhsley tell Us in a statement.

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A gossip site reported the former Danity Kane singer demanded car service and stiffed the driver after, but NOH8 says:

"It is unfortunate that while doing something for the greater good someone found pleasure in trying to tear it down. Aubrey believes in marriage equality which is exactly what this campaign is about. We had a great time shooting her and we can't wait to release the PSA next week. Aubrey O'Day and the NOH8 Campaign will continue to work together in the fight against hate and discrimination."

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The campaign -- which attracts attention to the California legislation that bans same-sex marriage -- is also supported by Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, Pete Wentz, Emmy Rossum and Lance Bass.