PARIS (AP) -- Models at Paul Smith pulled out their best Michael Jackson moves on Sunday, shaking it to "Thriller" as they took a riotous final lap around the catwalk.

Smith, who designed for the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin early in his career, said the spring-summer 2010 menswear collection was an homage to both the musicians of yesteryear and current rockers.

He send out shimmering mica-colored jackets with extra wide lapels — "like I made for David Bowie," Smith said — as well as snug, lightweight suits that looked sure to appeal to the likes of indie rock group Franz Ferdinand, current fans of the British label.

"I was mixing (looks from) today and from the beginning of my career," the affable designer told The Associated Press in a backstage interview.

Interesting new takes on perennial menswear staples included a hybrid between a blazer and a letterman jacket, in washed silk, and a white windbreaker that mimicked a button-down shirt.

Smith, who is known for his bold use of color, started the show with unusual slate and charcoal hues, with the vibrant shades reserved for the royal purple and orange socks.

The color came at the end of the show, with a virtual rainbow of head-to-toe monochrome looks.

As "Thriller" blasted over the speakers, models in a blood-orange rain slicker, pants and matching suede loafers or in top-to-bottom peacock blues, dusty pinks or mauve shimmied, improvising their best "moonwalks" in homage to the late King of Pop.