NEW YORK (AP) -- Tenor Placido Domingo is filling in at the Metropolitan Opera in the same role that marked his triumphant Met debut 40 years ago. On Friday, the scene promises to be, well, operatic: thousands of opera lovers in a nearly sold-out house awaiting the now 68-year-old star as he enters in a part few tenors his age would dare tackle. The role of Maurizio in "Adriana Lecouvreur" (ah-dreeh-AH'-nah luh-cooh-VRUHR') was created in 1902 for the young Enrico Caruso, whose agile voice easily reached the highest notes in the score. Some in this week's audience will no doubt hold their breaths, wondering: Can Domingo do it again? He was originally supposed to conduct the orchestra. But when the scheduled tenor was needed for another production, Domingo offered to sing it himself.