Giada De Laurentiis admits she's not exactly close with fellow Food Network chef Rachael Ray.

"Do we hang out all the time? No. Are we best friends? No," De Laurentiis tells the June issue of Redbook.

"But if you're not best friends, people assume you hate each other," continues De Laurentiis, who hosts a new show Giada at Home.

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"We laugh about it," De Laurentiis says. "We do these festivals together, and she'll say to me, 'Oh, we'd better take a picture together and smile, because if we don't, God only knows what's going to get written about us.' She's a lovely person."

De Laurentiis also opens up about her curves.

"I think it's okay to cook and be sexy. Why not?" she says. "I do get a lot of emails from women, saying to me, 'You don't have to show cleavage to get the male audience.'"

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But she doesn't see any reason to cover up.

"I don't [need to]," she says. "[But] that's just how my body type is, and I'm very comfortable with what I have."