Jennifer Love Hewitt says calling off her engagement to Scottish actor Ross McCall was rough.

"Breakups are awful. They're really painful," she says on Wednesday's Ellen DeGeneres Show. "They really hurt. They really suck on lots of levels, but what I think is great about life is that the universe always brings you something really beautiful and great afterward -- and that's kind of where I am now."

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She says she had been friends with her current beau, actor Jamie Kennedy, "for a long time."

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"I've heard about it -- about being friends with somebody, and it turns into something else, and I've never really done that before, and it's been great," she tells DeGeneres. "He's hilarious and when you're with somebody funny, they're always funny, and it's just great."

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Adds Hewitt, 29: "There are people in your life who are just supportive and who just look at you, and they see who you are, and he really saw who I was as a person more than anybody had ever done in my whole life."

"That's, for me, when I sort of went, 'Oh, wow!'" she goes on. "I knew he was funny; I knew he was special; I knew he was a really nice guy and decent person. I just never really looked at him until a little while ago."

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