Jessica Biel wouldn't mind hooking up with beau Justin Timberlake professionally.

"If it was the right thing, yeah. I would love to costar with Justin," the actress tells "I just don't know what the right thing is, though."

When it comes to their relationship, Biel admits she's "really careful" not to reveal too much.

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"Once you start to go there you really are opening your life which is already so open," she says -- and then begins opening about their two-year union. "Anyway, we don't do much of anything. We certainly don't do anything interesting.

"We just hang out at home. You have to have a real life because of the kind of crazy Hollywood stuff that you can get wrapped up in," she says. "It's so important to have hobbies and girlfriends, and not know people that work in Hollywood. It's a sanity thing; it keeps you sane. I was playing soccer and I joined a kickball league. That's way more interesting to me than going to some party."

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The actress -- who played a stripper in the direct-to-DVD flop Powder Blue -- says moviegoers will be seeing a lot less skin in the future.

"I was looking at this script for a Robert DeNiro film and there was so much nudity in it. I just was like, 'I can't do it,'" she says. "It took me a long time to really finally say no to that one."

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Biel -- who recently complained her good looks keep her from getting plum roles like Scarlett Johansson -- says she's driven to find a part that will "literally scare [her] to death.

But "sometimes I can't even get in the room to audition," she bemoans.