Kristin Davis is beyond thrilled Sarah Jessica Parker will welcome twins.

"We're very excited!" Davis told at Modern Bride's "25 Trendsetters of 2009" party in NYC Monday night. "I get to hold one while she's holding the other!

"I put in my request," Davis continued. "I'm very excited! I'm very excited!"

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Parker announced last week that she and husband Matthew Broderick are expecting twins via a surrogate mom. They're already parents to James Wilkie, 6.

Davis and Parker are gearing up to shoot the Sex and the City sequel. What should fans expect?

"Wow! I'd say more dogs! But not more kids!" says Davis, who had a baby girl in the first flick in addition to her adopted daughter. "But we'll see!

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"I know some general ideas for the overall, and it's very exciting and very, very different than the first one -- which is the luxury of getting to do another one, you know?" she went on.

"We did the first one and those were kind of our pent-up things that we hadn't finished in the show or whatever," she says, "and now, we're just starting fresh in a way, which is just really exciting and -- it's just a new adventure!"

And so much for Carrie's $600 shoes; Davis says she "thinks" the recession will be written into the script.

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"If you think about the show, we always tried to write what was happening," Davis says. "It's not like we tried to pretend 9/11 didn't happen. That would just be crazy.

"And that's I think part of what worked about the show. It wasn't just about relationships and romantic things," Davis says. "It was about our lives and the things that influence our lives. I imagine -- I'm trying not to say anything -- [producer and screenwriter] Michael Patrick [King] would want to put in someone being affected by the recession."

Davis says it's a blast to work with costars Parker, Kim Cattrall, and Cynthia Nixon -- but they still hang out off-set.

"Everyone thinks we don't -- I don't know why! It's because we don't parade down the street when we're together," she says. "One time, Sarah and I went to Barneys to buy shoes. I don't know what we were thinking! It was a huge mistake. People were just like -- it was just too weird for everybody! We had to leave!"

The sequel hits theaters May 28, 2010.