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Larry Birkhead took the stand for a second time Monday in the Anna Nicole Smith hearing, and claimed he was told by a prosecutor in the criminal case to "ramp it up" in his testimony.

Attorney Howard K. Stern, Dr. Khristine Eroshevich and Dr. Sandeep Kapoor are being charged on counts of conspiracy to furnish the late Smith with drugs and are pleading not guilty.

Birkhead said his conversation with Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Sarah Slice prior to taking the stand on Monday "upset" him and that she insinuated that he was taking Stern's side.

"I felt the district attorney was frustrated," Birkhead -- father to Smith's child Dannielynn -- said under questioning by the defense lawyer for Dr. Sandeep Kapoor, the Associated Press reports. "She said I should bite my tongue. She then went into a long speech about my daughter, and how there was going to be something wrong with her."

Birkhead continued on about his conversation with Slice, saying, "She said my daughter is going to be frustrated in learning and I should find something she excels in. She said she had studied the way the brain was made up."

The father of Smith's daughter also took the stand on Friday and, according to AP, said of the former Playboy model, "I don't think I would call her a pill popper," continuing, "But she took more medications than I've ever seen anyone take."

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