A few weeks back, Korbi brought you her first impressions of the guy who's supposed to set hearts aflutter on "90210" this fall. We now have a name and a face to put to the character: that of former Abercrombie & Fitch model and "Days of Our Lives" actor Trevor Donovan.

So, mission accomplished?

Donovan has been cast on "90210" as Teddy, EW.com reports. The character is a tennis champ whose dad is an A-list celeb and who's returning to West Beverly after an as-yet-unexplained absence. Teddy also has charm to spare, at least based on the audition scene Korbi got her hands on recently.

Donovan shouldn't have any problem turning heads -- the guy was a model, after all. He also did a stint as bad boy Jeremy Horton on "Days of Our Lives" in 2007.

The only issue we see at the moment is that he'll be playing a good deal younger than his actual age (29, according to IMDB). But that's a long-standing "90210" tradition too (see Perry, Luke; Carteris, Gabrielle). Heck, Donovan even shares a birthday (Oct. 11) with Perry.

What do you think? Does the casting of Donovan spike your interest for season two of "90210"?