The Von Bondies, "Love Hate and Then There's You" (Majordomo) Detroit's the Von Bondies debuted in 2001 with the sassy anthem "It Came From Japan," shouting out, "We all hail hail from rock 'n' roll!" The Von Bondies still hail from rock 'n' roll, and "Love Hate and Then There's You" proves that. Sure, it's been awhile since 2004's brilliant sophomore garage-blues studio effort "Pawn Shoppe Heart." Still, frontman Jason Stollsteimer showcases the same sweet 'n' sour vibrato and snappy lyrics. The new album is full of punchy, big, pop-hued rock songs worthy of production by pros Butch Walker (The Donnas, Pink, Avril Lavigne) and Rick Parker (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club). Don Blum is still one of the best drummers around, also co-writing two of the album's tunes. "Chancer" leaps forward on a complicated drum intro and power pop guitar, booming with a mega chorus. "Hey now, hey now, take it to the other side," chants bassist Leann Banks. "You don't look so cool, but you look so alive," hollers back Stollsteimer. Stollsteimer goes darker with a Billy Idol sneer on "Shut Your Mouth," snarling, "Go to sleep little baby, and shut your mouth." The songs are catchy and tailor made to be played live. Detroit forefathers the Stooges and the MC5 may leave a viable imprint on "Love Hate and Then There's You," but the album is a solid rock effort when too many bands don't throw any punches at all. CHECK THIS OUT: "21st Birthday" is all sing-along pop energy and nostalgia. "Never gonna see your 21st birthday/ Never gonna see your pretty face again," sings Stollsteimer over fuzzy, uptempo riffs.